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(Panna Gemstone)

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Panna Gemstone (Emerald)

Emerald is considered to be one of the most precious gemstones. Emerald is popularly known as Panna in Hindi . Emerald is considered to be a stone of planet Mercury. Mercury is the smallest and innermost planet in our solar system. Mercury governs two Zodiac signs namely Gemini & Virgo.

It is believed that people with favorable Mercury in their birth charts tends to be a very good businessman and don’t face problems with jobs. These people have very good communication skills & grow in the field of Commerce, Trade, Accounts, and Banking.

People facing a problem with their business and accruing losses on regular intervals are victims of unfavorable Jupiter in their life. Wearing certified Emerald in a ring or pendant can reduce the unfavorable effect from your life and make your life comfortable in terms of business and health issues related to veins .

By wearing Emerald female members such as your sister, paternal aunt & daughter will also be blessed by God and will receive positive effect in their personal life.

Ratan Amrit is happy to serve lab tested original Emerald at a most competitive price which is powerfully energized with various mantras to make Emerald suitable to make your life good.

Emerald should be worn in Shukla paksha or on Wednesday under good Nakshatra period. It should be worn on little finger of right hand while chanting “ ब्रां ब्रीं ब्रौं सः बुधाय नमः

Ratan Amrit provides you a blue packet containing favorable material to your planet which increases the intensity of Emerald gemstone and helps you overcome your problems in a short period of time.

When you buy Emerald from Ratan Amrit you receive a red color box containing “Original Emerald stone” with user manual & lab certification.

Certified Emerald  stone can be purchased from Ratan Amrit at an affordable price of just Rs. 7,200/- only.

It is advised to get your birth chart analyzed by Gurudev Pt. GD Vashist Ji to know more about possibilities of your life and lead to happy & prosperous life. 

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