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(Jarkan Gemstone)

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Jarkan Gemstone (Zircon)

Zircon gemstone is a precious stone also known as American Diamond. It is also named as Jarkan in Hindi. Zircon stone is associated with planet Venus in our solar system.

Due to unfavorable Venus planet in the birth chart, people face problems like a lack of energy, laziness, Lack in providing sexual pleasure to partner, Lack in the beautification of better half and much more.

The biggest problem is a lack of energy. This stops us to succeed in our life by making us lazy. People failing in professions like ready made garments, beauty parlor, cosmetics, events, modeling or luxurious items are victims of unfavorable effect of planet Venus.

People with unfavorable Venus in the birth chart or people facing above mentioned problems are advised to wear Jarkan in the form of a ring or a pendant. 

Jarkan should be worn in Shukla paksha or on Friday  under good Nakshatra period. It should be worn on middle finger of right hand while chanting ॐद्रां द्रींद्रौं सःशुक्राय नमः

Ratan Amrit provides you a Blue packet containing favorable material to your friendly planet which increases the intensity of Zircon gemstone and helps you overcome your problems in a short period of time.

When you buy Zircon from Ratan Amrit you receive a red color box containing “Original Zircon Gemstone” with user manual & lab certification.

Certified Zircon stone can be purchased online from Ratan Amrit at an affordable price of just Rs. 5,200/- only.

It is advised to get your birth chart analyzed by Gurudev Pt. GD Vashist Ji to know more about possibilities of your life and lead to happy & prosperous life. 

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