Step By Step Guide to Wear Ruby Gemstone

Ruby gemstone (Manik in Hindi) is associated with the Sun in astrology. Ruby gemstone is generally worn to reduce the unfavourable effect of the Sun. Common problems faced by the victims of unfavourable Sun in their birth chart are:

  1. Lack in Confidence.
  2. Health problems with father after the birth of a child.
  3. Irritation in behaviour.
  4. Problem with eyesight.
  5. Regular pain in any part of the body.
  6. Instability in Job.
  7. Recommendations for the job.
  8. Heart disease & high blood pressure.
  9. Failure in life of your children.
  10. Problems in government related work.
Ruby Gemstone price

Ruby Gemstone Price

Procedure To Wear Ruby.

  1. Consult an experienced astrologer and know is Ruby really beneficial for you?
  2. After consulting astrologer purchase Ruby gemstone in the form of a ring or a pendant.
  3. Make sure your gemstone should touch your body.
  4. Get your Ruby Gemstone energized from nearby temple.
  5. Dip Ruby in Gangajal or unboiled milk to make it pure.
  6. Chant “ॐह्रां हीं ह्रौं सःसूर्याय नमः”
  7. Wear Ruby while chanting above mentioned mantra.

Things To Keep In Mind While wearing Ruby Gemstone.

  1. Always Buy Lab Certified Gemstone.
  2. Buy Gemstones in the form of a ring or a pendant.
  3. You should wear Ruby on Sunday
  4. Gemstone should touch your body.
  5. It should be energized by Gurudev GD Vashist ji.
  6. You should have potli of friendly planet to get best results.
  7. You should take bath before wearing it.

Ruby gemstone price.

You can buy original Ruby gemstone in the form of a ring or a pendant at a most competitive rate of just Rs. 5200/- from Ratan Amrit. When you order Ruby stone from Ratan Amrit you get powerfully energized Ruby along with a Red color potli containing products of friendly planet which enhances the power of Ruby.

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