Planet Jupiter and gemstone Yellow Sapphire

Planet Jupiter has been considered as master, which removes darkness and ignorance to provide intelligence and reasoning to its disciple or devotee.

Jupiter and gemstone topaz

Jupiter and gemstone topaz

Jupiter sends divine help at the right time so as to make human get rid of pain.  This planet stands social justice,  religion, solemnity, agility. secrecy,legality and honesty.  On this planet being favorable, an individual makes all round progress.  Jupiter is the biggest of all planets.

This can incorporate 13 earths.   The energy which Jupiter derives from Sun, irradiates 1.7 times more of that energy, whereas in other planets there is only that much energy which they receive from Sun. From the point of view of Astrology, gemstone Yellow Sapphire is representative of planet Jupiter.

People who have been born in Sun Sign Sagittarius of Sun, i.e. from 14 December to 14 January,  their gemstone is Yellow Sapphire.  According to an ancient book lying in British Museum, by wearing Yellow Sapphire, if there is fury of evil powers, it can be eliminated.

This gemstone increase intelligence.  This pacifies anger and madness.  The method to identify original Yellow Sapphire is to wrap it in a white cloth and look a tit in sunlight, which should show up a yellow reflection.

Even after keeping it in milk for 24 hours,  its brightness does not reduce.  By rubbing the original Yellow Sapphire at the place where some poisonous animal has bitten, it will make that place poison free.

Such individuals who have been advised to wear Yellow Sapphire, but are not able to buy Yellow Sapphire, they may instead wear substitute gemstone which is Sunehla.  In the world of gemstones, Yellow Sapphire holds a special significance.

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  1. As a lover of knowledge, your blog is so interesting. This gem has definitely caught my curiosity. Thanks for the info 🙂

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