Benefits Of Original Panna Gemstone

Original Panna

Original Panna

Indian astrology considers Mercury as the planet of Business & Job. It is considered that people with favorable Mercury in their birth charts are born to do business. No matter you belong to rich family or poor family if your Mercury or Budh is favorable you will become really good businessman one day and will rise the name of your father. Even people doing job with favorable Mercury get good results in their profession.

People with unfavorable Mercury in their birth chart face many problems related to Business, Job and mental stability. People facing problems related to business i.e. you occur losses in business frequently, You or someone in your family is facing mental problems such as depression, madness and leave work in between due to irritation. In this situation you are strictly advised to wear Emerald also known as Panna in Hindi.

Astrological Benefits Of Emerald (panna) gemstone.

Over the time it has been seen that gemstones are making big impact in the lives of individuals. Each gemstone is connected to astrological belief where Emerald is associated with planet mercury. Position of planet mercury decides professional skills & mental ability of an individual. People who are not doing good with business and even they are having instability in job should wear Emerald at the earliest. People wearing Emerald ring or pendent can get rid from unfavorable effects of planet Budh.

Procedure to wear panna (Emerald) Gemstone.

Gemstones should be energized with powerful mantras before wearing. Emerald gemstone should be worn in shukla paksh or on Wednesday under good Nakshatra period. It should be worn in little finger of right hand while chanting “ॐ ब्रां ब्रीं ब्रौं सः बुधाय नमः” .

Examining  Original Emerald/Panna Gemstone At Home.

It is advised to wear lab tested gemstones. For checking panna stone at home you can keep Emerald Stone on your eyes it will give you cool effect whereas fake Emerald will get warm.

Buy Certified Emerald Gemstones.

Certified gemstones add value in authenticity of gemstone you are buying. Ratan Amrit has a proven record of selling 100 %  original and authentinc Emerald. At

Energizing Gemstones

original panna

original panna

It is believed that gemstones should be energized prior to wear them. You can get them energize by pandit ji near your house or you can opt to buy gemstones from Ratan Amrit which are already energized by powerfully mantras.

Buy Gemstones

Ratan Amrit is well known for its certified original panna gemstones selling at most competitive rates. Ratan Amrit provides you good quality powerfully energized gemstones in a red color box containing guide book for procedure to wear your stone (Ring or Pendent).

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