Is This The Right Time for You to Purchase Property ?

original neelam gesmstone

original neelam gesmstone | Free Prediction:

Every person has a dream to purchase a property for their family but do you know the right time to purchase property? We guess no, Astrology plays a very important role while purchasing property in terms of your age, day of purchase and direction of the property. World’s renowned Astro-scientist & Lal Kitab specialist  Gurudev GD Vashist Ji tells that all luxuries such as property or work related with property, cars or purchase of metals are said to be associated with the planet Saturn.

If a person is born with favorable Saturn these people do not have any problem while purchasing property or metals whereas people born with unfavorable Saturn are advised to consult an experienced astrologer before purchasing properties or even before construction or redevelopment of your property.

You can easily judge unfavorable Saturn if you are facing these problems in your life:-

neelam gemstone price

neelam gemstone price

1. Wastage of money, Health issues with family members, Court cases or many problems just after purchasing property.
2. If you do not get luxury of your own property even after trying to purchase the same many times.
3. If you have to shift your house very frequently.
4. If you do not get success in business but leave a very good impression in job.

If you are facing above mentioned problems then these are the clear symptoms of unfavorable Saturn in your birth chart. In this case you are advised to wear Original Neelam Gemstone (or Original Blue Sapphire) in the form of a ring or a pendant as per your requirement.

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