The importance of Original Moti (Pearl) in Your Life

original moti gemstone

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Original pearl is one of the most precious gemstones. It is commonly known as Moti in Hindi. Pearl is said to be associated with the Moon. Pearl is often associated with the stone for anger but this is a very big misconception that original moti gemstone should be worn by the only people who get angry very often. Planet moon is associated with lot more things. Moon is also associated with Mother. If anyone’s mother faces problems in her life or a child faces problems in respect from her mother is the biggest symptom of the unfavorable Moon. Some other commonly faced problems by the people with unfavorable Moon in their birth chart are:

original moti price

original moti price

1. If there is moisture in the walls of your house.
2. You always remain double minded.
3. If you are not able to concentrate on studies.
4. Your mother has a problem in back or legs.
5. Someone did fraud with you and cheat you in the matters of property.

In above-mentioned cases, a person should wear Moti immediately to reduce the ill effect of the unfavorable moon in their birth chart. These people should consult an experienced astrologer and get their birth chart analyzed to know the positions of planets in his/her birth chart. Gurudev GD Vashist Ji tells that a person should keep products of the friendly planet along with the gemstones to increase the intensity of stones. If you want to know original moti price then you may check it on Ratan Amrit website.

Original moti Gemstone can be worn in a form of a pendant or should be embedded in a silver ring. It should be worn in the shortest finger of the right hand after getting it energized by powerful mantras.

You can purchase original lab certified gemstones online from Ratan Amrit at the most competitive rates. These gemstones are energized by powerful mantras and come with the material of friendly planet to increase the intensity of the gemstones.

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