Mantra in Astrology, Mind and Spirituality

A Mantra can be recited by any individual irrespective of his/her status, background, region, profession, routine etc. Many Mantras are in melody and rhyming.  Mantras are used in different religions like Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism, Japanese Shingon.

Mantras date back to thousands of years. Mantras are found in the ancient Rig Vedas, Yajurvedas etc. Many Mantras are also linked to religion. There are thousands of Gods and there can be specific Mantra for a specific deity. Gayatri Mantras from the Rig Veda are more specific to deities. Normally, a Mantra is recited 108 times. Beej Mantras are said to have power and energy in them.

There are also specific Mantras for each of the NavGrahs, the nine planets, celestial bodies, and astrological aspects etc. Often Astrologers suggest Mantras as part of the remedy, Upay for a weak or malefic planet in the Janam Kundali or at any bad-problematic stage-phase of life.

Many Psychologists recommend Mantra for conditioning the mind, pacifying the mind, controlling thoughts etc. Mantras help minimize the fury of negative thoughts. Mantras help in the mental conditioning. It helps control behavior and nature. Mantras have the potential to change the brain.

Many natives chant or recite the Mantras with the help of Rudraksha bead mala, like a necklace. It popularly consists of 108 beads. Many persons wear it around their neck, as handy. Many natives seek spirituality, attain peace, prosperity, good health, wellbeing etc through the Mantra. An individual can be recommended as a single or a set of Mantras. Normally the Priest or a leading Astrologer recommends the definite beneficial Mantra on consultation.

There are multiple benefits of Mantras. Some are—

  • To bring calm to the mind
  • Have control over the mind
  • In meditation, relaxation
  • Improve memory, intelligence, wisdom
  • Attain spirituality
  • Kill depression, anxiety, tension, fatigue
  • Bring vision, goal, direction
  • Useful in introspection, like recapping, thought process, clarity
  • Achieve good mental health
  • Brings positivity, optimism
  • Motivation, inspirational power, and influence
  • Helps in education, studies, work, success etc
  • Can be used in rituals, prayers
  • Facilitates solution to problems
  • Support in Yoga

Best ways to get the Mantra benefit—

Mantras are best performed or recited ideally in a minimum non-disturbing or distracting surrounding. One can recite it in the mind silently or can speak out vocally, vis-à-vis, spoken aloud. Mantras should be recited continuously, uninterrupted, without any break. Many natives close their eyes. One should generally be seated comfortably. The mind concentration should be solely on reciting the Mantra. One should avoid thinking about anything else, except having the focus on the Mantra. A Priest or an Astrologer can be consulted for guidance, specific Mantras for particular problems etc.

One of the most popular Mantras is—  Om Namah Shivay

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