Manikya (Ruby) – Value, Details, Why and Who Should Use It?

Each gemstone has its own specific-unique qualities, attributes, characteristics, powers, time to be used etc. Each gemstone has the exclusive set of purposes to be worn for. Each gemstone has its own significance in a given period of time in a native’s life journey.

There are many gemstones on planet Earth. There are nine main ones that have influence, control, effect and supremacy. These are Manikya (ruby), Moti (original pearl), Munga (red coral), Panna (green emerald), Pukhraj (yellow sapphire), Jarkan (Zircon), Neelam (blue sapphire), Gomed (hessonite garnet) and Lahsuniya (cat’s eye).

These stones relate to specific planets, celestial bodies, and the astrological aspects. These are –

Manikya is for the Sun, Moti for Earth’s moon, Munga for Mars, Panna for Mercury, Pukhraj for Jupiter, Jarkan for Venus, Neelam for Saturn, Gomed for Rahu, Lahsuniya for Ketu.


As above, Manikya or Ruby is the gemstone to seek the values, benefits, strengths, control, command, features of the Surya, the Sun. It is also advised to be worn by natives with weak features, placement-positioning, and aspects of the Sun, in the his-her horoscope chart. Manikya or Ruby is also popularly worn by higher Authority personnel, senior government officials, politicians, agriculturists, administration, businessmen, royal status etc. Manikya helps in competition, examination etc too.

The gemstone brings energy-activeness, agility, luxury-comfort etc to the native. It boasts, enhances and improves certain relationships like father-child. Manikya helps in the worshiping of Lord Surya, Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati; in GreekLord Helios.

Medically, the gemstone brings better and improved eyesight, it enhances blood circulation. It brings mental confidence, self-actualization etc, which in-turn reflects in a better physical-mental health. Manikya kills timidity, fragility, nervousness.

In Astrology, Manikya or Ruby is for the Sun, as above. The Sun is regarded as the King of the zodiac. The Sun is at times referred to have the highest position among the Navgraha; Navgraha meaning the nine planets. The ruling House of the Sun is five and the sign is Leo.


Manikya is also responsible for other aspects like the love relationship, luck-fate, thought process, children and so forth. Leo is a fire sign. The first day for the gemstone to be worn is ideally Sunday morning after a bath. It should preferably be in Shukla Paksha, the rising phase of the moon. The ring stone should be worn on the ring finger of the right hand. Below Mantra at the end, should be recited.

Manikya or Ruby is mostly found in the areas of India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Australia, Burma, Cambodia, Tanzania and South America.

The stone can be worn in the form of ring or pendant. Metal with the gemstone can be either gold or copper. However, the advice of Astrologer is important. Energizing, Puja (prayer), time-period of wearing Manikya is set by Astrologer or a known-reputed Priest. Therefore, it is a must a consult an Astrologer before wearing Manikya.

The Mantra to be chanted at the time of wearing Manikya gemstone is –

Om Mitraya Namah, Om Ravaye Namah,

Om Suryaya Namah, Om Bhanave Namah,

              Om Khagaya Namah, Om Punshne Namah,

              Om HiranyaGarbhaya Namah, Om Marichaye Namah,

              Om Adityaya Namah, Om Savitre Namah,

              Om Arkaya Namah, Om Bhaskaraya Namah.

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