Original Manikya (Ruby) Gemstone Benefits

There are many planets in our solar system and they have an adverse affect on lives of individuals. One among them is the Sun. All planets rotate around the Sun in our solar system. Sun provides energy to the whole earth in the same way Sun provides energy to our body. The sun has various favorable and unfavorable effects in our life such as people born with favorable Sun in their birth chart gets good support from father & gets high prestige in their life whereas people with unfavorable Sun in birth chart suffers in various ways such as starting from birth they start creating problems for father and diseases rules in their home. These people get irritated on very small issues.
One of the best solutions to reduce the effect of unfavorable Sun is to wear Maniky which is famously known as Ruby .

Manikya saves you from many problems like :-

Manikya Gemstone Price

Manikya Gemstone Price

1.    Lack of support from Father.
2.    Irritation.
3.    Bad Health.
4.    Lack of prestige .
5.    Lack in Government related work.
6.    Failure in Government Jobs
7.    Instability in the career.
8.    Problems in education.
9.    Lack of energy in the body.

It is always advised to wear original gemstones which come with lab certification and proper procedure should be followed to wear Ruby gemstone. You can find the proper procedure to wear gemstones on www.ratanamrit.com  You can wear Manikya gemstone in the form of ring or pendant as per your wish.

Price Of Original Ruby

The price of original Ruby varies from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 15,000 depending upon the quality and authenticity of the ruby gemstone. Manikya is available in local shops and several online portals like www.ratanamrit.com which provides lab certified original Ruby gemstone. These gemstones come with  lab testing certificate as well as powerfully energized potli of the favorable planet which helps you to heal your problems in a short period of time.

Procedure to wear Ruby.
Ruby should be worn in shortest figure of right hand in Shukla Paksha or on Sunday in good Nakshatra period while chanting “ॐ ह्रां हीं ह्रौं सः सूर्याय नमः”.

General Remedies to overcome the unfavorable effect of Sun after wearing ruby are  :-
1.    Always keep your head covered.
2.    Throw all unused clocks, electronics & rusted iron from your house.
3.    Offer Jaggery and wheat to monkeys on Sunday.
4.    Get Surya Havan done as soon as possible.

Website         :  www.ratanamrit.com
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