Know which Planet is responsible for Lack of Confidence.

Do you ever think that why do you face a lack of confidence while talking to someone or while sitting in an interview what makes you nervous? The answer is the effect of unfavourable Sun in your birth chart. Sun plays an important role in the person’s life. Sun is also responsible for many other things except for confidence. If Sun is providing a favourable effect in the life of an individual, his father will not face any kind of problem in his life. These people also get prestige in their life.

Ruby Gemstone

People with unfavourable Sun in their birth chart tends to remain irritated and are not able to complete their studies or even if they complete their studies with the help of someone, they do not get proper benefit of their studies and face problems in stability of jobs.

World’s only Astro-Scientist Gurudev GD Vashist Ji tells that people facing problems related to unfavourable Sun should wear a Ruby (Manikya in Hindi)

He further adds that Ruby can be worn in the form of a ring or a pendant in Ashtdhatu (Mixed Metal). It should be worn in a good Nakshatra period on Sunday while chanting “ॐ ह्रां हीं ह्रौं सःसूर्याय नमः” .

Gurudev also tells that we should keep powerful healing products of the friendly planet with us so that we can completely get the benefit of the gemstone which we are wearing.

Gurudev GD Vashist Ji has made an effort to provide original lab certified gemstones which are energized by powerful mantras under the name of Ratan Amrit. Where you get your certified gemstone in the form of an adjustable ring or a pendant as per your choice and potli containing healing products of friendly planets at most competitive price.

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