How To Wear Red Coral Stone (Moonga Ratna) ?

Red Coral is precious gemstones red in color which is concerned with the planet mars and commonly known as Moonga. Red Coral is generally worn for the problems related to Mars and reduce the unfavourable effect of the planet Mars.

Red Coral Benefit

When Should A Person Wear Red Coral?

  • Short tempered.
  • Delay in marriage.
  • Problems after marriage.
  • Conflicts with your brothers and neighbours.
  • Irritation in wife’s behaviour.
  • The stressful atmosphere at home.
  • Sudden problems after any celebration.

Benefits of wearing Red Coral.

  • Good Relations with brothers.
  • Good behaviour.
  • Relief in health problems related to blood.
  • The increase in self-confidence.


Is Red Coral enough to get the solution of your problems?

No, simply wearing Red Coral won’t be able to help you solving your problems as only gemstones are not so powerful to reduce the effect of the unfavourable planet. One of the world’s renowned astro-scientist Gurudev GD Vashist Ji tells that we need to keep the energized potli of the friendly planet with us along with the gemstones. Also, these gemstones should be worn in the form of a ring or a pendant.


Best Day To Wear Red Coral.


Procedure to wear the Red Coral.

Get your gemstone energized by Pandit Ji from a nearby temple. Wear your energized Red Coral ring on Tuesday or in good Nakshatra in the shortest finger of your right hand while chanting “ॐ क्रां  क्रीं क्रों भौमाय नमः”.

Online store to Buy Original Red Coral.

You can buy original Lab certified Red Coral gemstones in the form of an adjustable ring or a pendant from Ratan Amrit. You get powerfully energized gemstones from Ratan Amrit at most competitive rates. On ordering Red Coral from Ratan Amrit you also get potli of the friendly planet to reduce the bad effect of Mars.

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