Gemstone Red Coral and surprising facts about it

Like Pearl, Coral is also not mineral gemstone. This is also derived from sea as pearl.  In physical appearance it is like branches of a clambering plant.  Scientists say that organic which forms corals a clammy sticky material.  It takes several years for coral to mature.

Munga Ratan

Munga Ratan

Extraction of coral from sea is done every year from March to October.   Greater the depth it takes to extract coral, its color will equally be less profound.  Coral is used to make all types of ornament sand religious goods.  Besides all this,the more surprising fact is that it is used in the field of medicines.

Its powder is used as antimony.  It removes weakness from brain and veins.  If you do not enjoy good relations with brothers, sisters or neighbors or your mother is unhappy about relations of your brothers and sisters and all such people who gradually get addicted to drugs and are unable to de-addict, there is inability in bearing child in spite of libido power, then gemstone coral should be worn.

All these troubles are due to planet Mars being unfavorable and coral gemstone represents planet Mars.  To remove ill-effects of planet Mars, it is advised to wear coral.

Some other surprising facts about coral are, if its branch is crushed, mixed with rose water and applied as ointment on the stomach of a pregnant woman, her abortion may be prevented.

Wearing coral procured from a good pier cheers up the mind and removes heart ailments.   The workshops to cut and embellish gemstone coral are now only in Italy and Naples. Earlier they were also available in Geneva and Marseilles.

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