Does Astrology And Hand Palmistry Help You To Peep Into Your Future?

Humans are always curious to know about their future. People want to know everything in advance about their life. Scientist claims that there is no way to peep into future but it has been observed from many years that astrologers can predict the future of an individual with some calculations based on birth details of a person or from Palmistry. At the time of the birth parents of the child note down the birth time with which they consult an astrologer to make the birth chart of the child.

Astrology And Hand Palmistry

With the belief of many people, astrologers are continuously practising astrology in their life and predicting about lives of many people. But here is a catch it is believed that there are a number of astrologers near you but in reality, there are very few who have complete knowledge of astrology. One of them is Gurudev GD VAshist Ji who invented one of its kind life planners – YES I CAN CHANGE.

Astrology is also a science, Astrology is little different from modern science where astrologers consider 9 planets i.e Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Venus, Rahu & Ketu. Here astrologers do not include earth as a planet and consider Rahu & Ketu as shadow planets.

Astrologers study the planetary positioning on the birth chart of an individual to predict the future of the child. It is told by the astrologers that movement of these planets brings change in our life.

Gemstones and their Planets

When it comes to palmistry, it is also a type of astrology. It is said that fingers and lines of the hands are also interrelated with planets and gemstones are worn in fingers to reduce the unfavourable effect of planets.


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