Astrological gains from gemstones

Astrology is a science which is a masterly gift to us from our ancient saints, sages and ascetics.  In Sanskrit, by Sages, it is implied researcher or explorer.  Sages used to live in forests in pollution free environment and used to study and research about planets of the solar system like scientists.

Ratono ke jyotish laabh

Ratono ke jyotish laabh

They continuously used to focus their attention and concentration on planets of the solar system.  The principles which were formed then are even relevant today, but with the passage of time some important links have been lost. Astrology is such a science that if it is used with patience, finesse and honesty, then it may remove those obstacles of life which make journey of life unbearable.

Through astrology science,astrologers find out planetary positions and offer solutions to the problems prevalent in life. People in general have benefited in their lives through astrology science and will continue to do so in future.  The foundation of this splendid palace in the form of astrology is remedy or solution. While performing remedy, some means have to be identified, like fluxing something in running water, feeding something to some particular animals and performing Yagya and Hawan.

In short, to perform remedies, some means have to be adopted and one of the most significant of them is gemstone.  There are nine main planets in solar systems and each one of them is represented by some gemstone.To fully understand the role of gemstones in astrology, it is imperative to understand the generation of light.  The light which emanates from the Sun and reaches to us on earth.  This is made of seven color, not just white or ablican.  Literally, there is no white color in itself.  The combination of seven colors is white colour of the light. The gemstones hold special significance in astrology due to their ability to take this sunlight of seven colours from the Sun at its peak.  There is abundant use of gemstones in the field of astrology.  The planet which rules certain Ascendant or Sun sign, it is advised to wear gemstone relative to that planet.

In astrology, Ascendant is considered important of all other 11 houses of the horoscope.  All important facts and incidents of life are reflected in Ascendant.  Wearing gemstone under supervision and control of a learned astrologer gives definite gains.  Gemstone is a means to remove obstacles and problems in life, but it needs to be worn under the able guidance, advise and supervision of a learned astrologer to get its astonishing results.

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